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An IRC bot Above All [other bots].
## Features
- SED expressions
- sed expressions
- math expressions
- Leek, fun commands for manipulating text:
- mock, mock a message made by someone lIkE tHiS
- leet, coverts specific chars to the number which looks similar, for example C4761rls
- owo, self explanatory
- Quoting
- owo, owofies the text
- Quoting messages
- Fetching pictures from [waifu.pics](https://waifu.pics)
- Title of links sent in a channel, currently supports:
- HTTP webpages
- Spotify
- Rust evaluation using the rust playground
- HTML webpages (`<title>` tag)
- Spotify (track metadata - artist, duration, etc.)
## Setup
### Compiling the binary
To compile the binary, you will first need to have the following installed:
- git
- A rust toolchain
You should have the latest Rust toolchain installed.
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After the compiling has finished, you can find the binary under `target/release/uberbot`
#### MSRV
The MSRV (Minimum Supported Rust Version) for überbot is currently **1.67**.
### Configuration
Uberbot uses the environment variable `UBERBOT_CONFIG`, if it is not set
überbot uses the environment variable `UBERBOT_CONFIG`, if it is not set
it will look for `uberbot.toml` in the working directory.
An example configuration can be found in `sample_uberbot.toml`