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An IRC bot Above All [other bots].


  • sed expressions
  • math expressions
  • Leek, fun commands for manipulating text:
    • mock, mock a message made by someone lIkE tHiS
    • leet, coverts specific chars to the number which looks similar, for example C4761rls
    • owo, owofies the text
  • Quoting messages
  • Fetching pictures from waifu.pics
  • Title of links sent in a channel, currently supports:
    • HTML webpages (<title> tag)
    • Spotify (track metadata - artist, duration, etc.)


Compiling the binary

You should have the latest Rust toolchain installed.

Clone the source code:

git clone https://git.lemonsh.moe/lemon/uberbot.git

Compile the source code:

cd uberbot && cargo build --release

After the compiling has finished, you can find the binary under target/release/uberbot


The MSRV (Minimum Supported Rust Version) for überbot is currently 1.67.


überbot uses the environment variable UBERBOT_CONFIG, if it is not set it will look for uberbot.toml in the working directory.

An example configuration can be found in sample_uberbot.toml