The catgirls.dn42 config files
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famfo eef2086bfe Back up frr config 1 month ago
at-vie1 Back up frr config 1 month ago
fi-hel1 Add fi-hel1 4 months ago
lab.rtr.famfo.catgirls.dn42/frr Add RPKI 3 months ago
us-pno1 Add us-pno1 4 months ago
.gitignore Add ipv6 multicast, add best practices 3 months ago
.gitmodules frog! 11 months ago Update '' 5 months ago Update '' 4 months ago


Please do not just copy this config when you are starting out. For examples how to configure see the wiki for basic bird config, jlu5's website for an example of how to configure IGP and iBGP and ask in the irc:


C4TG1RL5 networking

The dn42 configurations for our nodes.